IDC: 2016 sales volume of global smartphones only increase by 3.1%

Pile of smart phones

Agence France Presse quoted from the latest report that the increase of global smartphone in 2016 will slow down. Apple may experience the decline for iPhone sales for the first time.

IDC predicted that the sales volume of global smartphones in 2016 will only increase by 3.1%, up to 1.48 billion units. The increase rate for global smartphones in 2015 was 10.5%.

IDC claimed that the American, European and Chinese markets will encounter low single digit growth, while Japanese and Canadian markets will respectively decline by 6.4% and 6.9 %.

The reason for the low growth of smartphone sales is that the mass markets become saturated. Consumers will continually use their old cellphones if they are unable to get subsidies from operators to purchase a new smartphone.

IDC Ryan Reith claimed consumers wish to know where and by any means to purchase smartphones. It indicated that consumers could purchase new smartphones from manufacturers or online shopping malls instead of from operators.

Reith stated that consumers have rights to choose their favoriate bands and make bargaining at stores.

The report showed that GoogleAndroid devices will keep in the leading role in global smartphone market this year. Its sales volume accounts for 84% of global smartphone sales volume.

To conclude, Apple iPhone will encounter the first decline for sales volume this year. IDC assumed its sales will decline by 2%, down to 227 million units.

However, IDC predicted the sales of iPhone will grow again in 2017, benefiting from the release of iPhone SE.

What’s more, Windows Phone user share will decline as well as Microsoft turned its focus on other project. The report pointed out the user share of Windows Phone in 2016 is only 0.8%.

Indian consumes complained Lumia 650 is high priced


Lately, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Mobile smartphone Lumia 650 to India. However, Microsoft’s suggested retail price for Lumia 650 is violated with its initial prediction. Nearly all of the local consumers felt angry with this price.

Users might purchase Lumia 650 between 1,300 yuan and 1,600 yuan via online shop in China. It seems unreasonable to set that price with its configuration as there are many home-made high quality smartphones produced. The home-made smartphones are even cheaper.

Speaking of its selling price at India, it charges about 1,612 yuan for a Lumia 650 standard edition in India based on the quoted price of Indian Amazon. It still charges about 1,568 with a discount. The local consumers complained a lot for its offer.

They don’t expect to spend so much money for Windows Phone. The Indian consumers felt the Android smartphone offered at the same price is more attractive.

It is not wise to buy Lumia 650 at such price for such hardware configuration. Lumia 650 disappointed them except the body design. Its processor, applications and battery life donot meet consumers’ expectation. What’s more, consumers commented that the phone is burning when they play games on it.

Lumia 650 can not considered as a high-end smartphone in accordance with its configuration. It offers 8MP primary camera with LED flash, 2x zoom, HDR, 5-inch OLED HD multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Windows 10 os with 1.3GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Consumers are able to buy more advanced smartphone with the same price for home-made brands smartphone.

Hackers are racing to compromise pos systems, according to FireEye


Cybercriminals, before new defenses are put in place, are redoubling efforts to steal payment card information from retailers, according to FireEye.

Last year over a dozen types of malware were discovered that target point-of-sale systems, the electronic cash registers the process payments at many retailers.  Continue reading

Siri will make its debut in the next generation of Mac OS X

Siri on mac
How do you feel when you chat with Siri on your iPhones or iPads? What do you think you can also use Siri on your Mac computer? Report shows that Mac users would be able to chat with Siri in June this year, when Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X.

Siri is Apple’s voice assistant popping up on different Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and the Apple TV. It is said that the voice assistant will be available the next version of OS X.

Resources showed that Apple has been testing versions of Mac OS X packaged with Siri since 2012. And the company will probably reveal the new version of OS X, i.e. OS X version 10.12 at its next annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year.

Mac users will be able to chat with Siri on Mac when Apple releases a public beta of OS X 10.12 after Worldwide Developers Conference. The official debut of Siri will be made when the new version of Mac OS X comes out in the autumn.

Siri will reside as an icon in Mac’s toolbar Menu on the top of the screen. You can play with Siri when you are clicking on the icon. With so many Mac users, Siri might enjoy great popularity. What Mac users can do with Siri on a Mac? Maybe one can not only ask Siri to browse on the website, but also to launch any application on the machine to carry out various orders, such as to shut down the machine, or to launch the uninstaller to uninstall unwanted applications on Mac. There’s potentially more.

However, to meet the demands of users, Apple is not the only one company to provide a voice assistant with its devices. Though Apple’s Siri is popular in the Apple’s devices, it still faces fierce competition for there are so many companies that also have their own voice assistants like Siri. That means when Sir is happy to say hi to the whole world, it has to compete with rivals such as Google Now on mobile devices, Microsoft’s Cortana on Windows 10 mobiles and PCs, Amazon’s Alexa and so on.

Anyway, are you ready to say “Hello” to your Siri on your Mac?

Apple Pay Now Available In China


After undergoing a variety of changes, Apple Pay finally come online in Chinese electronic payment market on February 18, 2016. Yesterday Apple officially announced that Apple Pay payments service was available to Chinese customers, and China has been added to the list of supported Apple Pay countries alongside the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Now Chinese iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users can make purchases within this app using both China UnionPay credit and debit cards.

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Software defined networking, IoT top CIO’s Strategic proiorities


Steve Phillips, the CIO of $28 billion technology wholesaler Avnet, kicked off his 2016 planning cycle last week with an eye toward making IT more nimble and responsive to the company’s evolving requirements. He plans to test a software-defined network (SDN) and a predictive analytics solution that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for a company that delivers anything from electronic components to enterprise IT services for 100,000 customers.

As noted recently, CIOs in 2016 are refining digital transformations they started last year or earlier to press their competitive advantage. Others are playing catch-up or defense against nimble rivals. Whatever the case, CIOs are entering the New Year with laser focuses on cloud, mobile, analytics and security, among other solutions. Continue reading

How Apple increases the market share of Apple Watch in 2016?

Apple did not reveal the specific sales of Apple Watch in 2015, however, it could not stop the analysts predicting its sales.

Apple Watch was released in last April and started mass producing in the third quarter. However, the consumers feedback seem ordinary so far.


It has been welcome by the Apple fans since its release. The wearable devices still seem to be a new-style product. Its consumer groups are limited. Fitbit is still in a leadership position in such field.

Consumer Technology Association did a survey from 1,001 internet users concerned how many people plan to buy the health or fitness device in 2016.74% of interviewees have willingness to buy the health or fitness device which is a good news to Apple and Fitbit.

According to the estimation of eMarketer, US wearable market will increase by 60%, from 39.5 million units in 2015 to 64 million units in 2016.

Fitbit specializes in producing fitness devices. More and more people pay close attention to health and fitness. According to the data from CTA, Fitbit is still the leader in wearable device field.

35% of interviewees wish to buy a well-equipped Smart Watch, while 27% of interviewees wish to buy health or fitness device that trend to Fitbit products. Among the rest of the interviewees, 30% of them plan to buy an application, 27% of them aim to buy the smart suite and 23% of them wish to buy the sleeping tracker.

Apple is not the only publisher that produces Smart Watch. It upgraded the Apple Watch OS recently. It is said that it will launch Apple Watch 2 in the early of 2016.

Apple Watch decreased the reliability to iPhone after the upgrade. Apple works hard to improving the independence of Apple Watch. It has great potential to beat Fitbit in the near future.

According to the statistics of IDC, FitBit obtained 22.2% of the market share for the first place, while Apple took up 18.6%, ranking in second.

The sales of Fitbit doubled in the last third quarter, up to 4.7 million from 2.3 million units. Apple sold 3.6 million units of Apple Watch in the last 2nd quarter, and 3.9 million units in the third quarter.

It seems a bit hard for Apple to beat Fitbit and become the top leader in such field so far. Its upgrade for Apple Watch will help Apple to obtain more market share.

AirDrop: Transfer Files between Mac and iPhone


For some new Mac or iPhone users they may have no clue how to share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more between Mac and iOS devices without using data cable. Here we will show you how to use AirDrop to easily achieve this task. AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple Inc.’s OS X and iOS operating systems that enables you to wirelessly send content to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, and it has no limitation on the size of document you wanna transfer.

To use AirDrop to send items from Mac to iPhone and vice versa, you need a 2012 or newer Mac model with OS X Yosemite or later, and it also requires an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 7 or later. How to check: for Mac computer, open Finder and go to Go menu to verify if AirDrop is listed as an option; for iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center and see if AirDrop appears there.

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A New Idea of Making Money at Home, Affiliate Marketing

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In reality, there are many choices for people to work at home, but here is the moat popular one in this time, affiliate marketing. Maybe some people are not so familiar with this word. Affiliate marketing is the emerging power in the marketing industry which gives a good choice for people to work online. Thanks to the development of the Internet which takes a more and more important role in daily life, at the same time, people get a brand new and more convenient lifestyle. For the reasons why affiliate marketing get popular, maybe it turns popular from the advertisement industry. As the higher and higher cost in daily brand promotion, advertisers start to find out an effective to cut the cost and keep their profits. Then, they aims at the Internet, lower cost but plenty of users who can be the large base of potential consumers.

In addition, there are endless reasons why affiliate marketing becomes popular. For advertisers, as mentioned before, lower cost and large potential consumer base. And then, many of netters can be their partners to increase promotion. Those partners, in affiliate marketing, called as publishers or the affiliates, would takes advantages of the online resource they own to help and make money at the same time. It is the win-win situation that each part would get what they want. For publishers, affiliate marketing must be an amazing chance for them to make profits online, no matter as a part-time job or a full-time job. In reality, affiliate marketing offers lots of opportunities here for people, which it would accept thousands of, even endless of affiliate to join. If people would like to join, it would not reject but express warm welcome anytime.

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