Canon MG8250 All in One Printer Problem with Windows 8.1 Update

Canon MG8250 All in One Printer Stops Working

Canon MG8250 all in one printer stops working right after a system update. The prominent symptom would be error messages telling “Cannot start MP Navigator Ex” or “Set PC to start scanning”. Usually speaking, ink problems, feeder problems and connectivity problems would contribute to a non-working Canon MG8250. But based on the error message, fault can be located in driver. Other error messages related to driver problems are:

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How to Troubleshooting the Network Interface Card(NIC) Driver Failure

As we know, in the computer network, the NIC(Network Interface Card) works in the link layer, being responsible for connecting the computer and the transmission medium. With the network card working in the system, it would not only realize the physical connection and the electrical signal matching between the transmission medium of the LAN(Local Area Network), but also help the frame sending and receiving, frame encapsulation and unpacking, media access control, data encoding and decoding, etc. With the improvement of the integration levels, most of the NIC are integrated in the motherboard, NIC driver related issues might be relatively less than other driver problems. Continue reading

How to Remove Pop-ups From the Computer Completely specialized in the production of annoying pop-ups and released them to targeted computer without restraint, just intending to lead the innocent users to the traps. Once the successfully infiltrated into the system, it would have the chance to modify the system settings without authorization, secretly weakening the security system so more and more pop-ups could be displayed in the computer without scruples. In most cases, all the strange pop-ups provided by were concerning software update downloads or system optimization related prompts, hypercritically recommending the users to give permission to those trap downloads. As most of the users could not see through the tricks of the, they approve strange download requests without thinking through, resulting in terrible damages. Because the recommendations from the were actually malware installations, once they clicked on those trap links or button, unwanted virus would be triggered and automatically installed in the system without awareness. Users have to remove thoroughly before things getting worse. If you have any problem during the removal, here is the help from the professional VilmaTech guide.
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Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi Virus, How to Remove

What Is Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi

Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi is regarded as malicious Trojan virus, created by cyber criminals over the cyber world that always attempt to attack Internet users’ computers for confidential information-stealing. By definition, the Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi Trojan virus is a sort of malware that focuses on corrupting and compromising system, as doing so can the virus allow its author access to the infectious machine and collect confidential data quickly. Usually, the Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi virus can infiltrate on the targeted computer through drive-by downloads. This also to say, the Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi virus conceals its existence by packaging with freeware, shareware, or web plugins. Peole hardly recognize such malicious Trojan.Win32.Bublik.cfgi virus has been installed on their computer until some troubles happen. Continue reading

How to Remove Savings Avenger Adware from the Computer Effectively

Being infected with Savings Avenger adware was one of the unexpected things happened to the Internet users, because most of them could not notice about it as this cunning malware could always infected the targeted computer without awareness. Under this circumstance, the Savings Avenger adware would freely release all kinds of pop-up ads and sponsored links in the infected computer, with the main intention to draw users’ attentions so as to lure them to click on the links and fall for the traps naturally. Unfortunately, the masses of the users could not be vigilant and blindly be attracted by those tempting ads provided by Savings Avenger, ended in terrible losses and damages without knowing that the main cause for this disastrous consequences was the Savings Avenger adware.
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Complete Removal Guide of Babylon Toolbar Hijacker – VilmaTech Expert Tips

If you are going to download free application Babylon Toolbar, you are duped by a malignant browser hijacker. Babylon Toolbar is recognized as a helpless toolbar as well as a browser hijacker that install itself without consent. Many victims were responsible for download this malignant toolbar themselves, for Babylon Toolbar advertised itself as globally professional translation and dictionary which supports over 60 languages and pay none. Some users may be installed this foistware on websites providing freeware download service or directly from it official homepage.

When Babylon was installed in browser, it would install other related components automatically on toolbar. As a typically browser hijacker, Babylon manages to affect the searching result, which modifies the results and pushes the commercial products to the top so that it can earn profits once you click on them. Some malware and spyware were connected with the undetected ads, and users don’t know what will happen if open them by accident. Intentional hackers are likely to make advantages of ads to master the shopping activities of users so that they can plant virus and push ads associated with your browsing history.
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Tips to Fix Mapi32.dll Error Effectively on PC

Mapi32.dll Error

Mapi32.dll file with description of Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT that easily results in some error problems on the computer, especially when you are trying to use the Microsoft Outlook. How to fix Mapi32.dll error is a hot issue that many people want to know.

There are a series of reasons about why the computer encounters the DLL issue, corrupted Mapi32.dll file, wrong version of this file, virus attack, system registry issues are all the possible causes of this problem. Therefore, to fix Mapi32.dll error, you should perform the check and fix for this possibilities effectively. Continue reading

How to Remove BetterBrowse Adware from IE, Firefox and Google Chrome

BetterBrowser Description

BetterBrowse is considered as an adware plug-in in Internet Explore, Firefox and Google Chrome. This unwanted application is compatible with Windows operating system and installed without users’ permission. Some users may download this plug-in though BetterBrowse official webpage prompting that it is able to offer good browser experience with more information about deals and free programs download. However, when you install BetterBrowse as a friendly toolbar or plug-in, you discover that it just shows you sponsor links, annoying pop-ups and unreliable adverts. It even added other unwanted add-ons onto your browser without any warning which may contain spyware and malicious virus.
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Remove Metropolitan British Police Virus with VilmaTech Instruction

Many users in Britain have suffered from Metropolitan British Police virus since the past years which were classified as dangerous ransom virus to computer users. This virus is on behalf of Metropolitan Police in London. However, it had no association with the latter because Metropolitan Police is responsible for law enforcement in Great London. The cyber frauds utilize the authority of the local police and the fear to legitimate institution to ransom money by the immoral method that locks victims’ screen and scares them to pay fine to release their computers. Since it usually requires paying on Ukash voucher, it is also called Ukash virus.

How did Metropolitan British Police Virus infected with computers? It often distributed in compromised websites which has been infected with virus or attacked by malware. When the sufferers open the links connecting to those sites or browse those web pages thoughtlessly, the virus takes chance to access to victims’ computer without knowledge. It is also bundled with files of free software and spam mails by malicious intention.

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Remove Nation Zoom Browser Hijacker – Virus Removal Tips

The Nation Zoom centralizes in compromising Internet browsers in order for forcedly governing it with destructive activities in the background, which is classified as the browser hijacker aiming at acquiring illegal profit and stealing sensitive privacies from its target computer users. Nation Zoom provides with various pop-ups including ads banners, ads revenue, or coupons to interfere with user’s online experience, replace the default homepage and search engine as, and lock user any access to search desired things. It implies that no matter when enter URLs or search keywords, you can’t get them and just the Nation Zoom redirect site overlaps instead.

nation zoom

Responding to dynamic viruses or spyware exploited by hijackers for acquiring illegal online profits, the Nation Zoom browser hijacker has been continuously increasing the numbers of victimized computer users across world. This Nation Zoom hijack virus exploits a carefully crafted trick that declares it is responsible for upgrading computer speed and improving online experience to coax computer users into paying their recommendable program or service. Actually, all pop-up information reflected on the Nation Zoom browser hijacker page are fake, furthermore, instead of fulfilling its commitment of meliorative functioning, one or more vicious viruses can be installed on the victimized computer again. Continue reading