Use Windws Memory Diagnostic Tool to check the reliability of memory

In a age of high-capacity memory, whether the quality of memory will be magnified out along with the growth of capacity? We need a further discussion.
For those memory which problems existed or defective usually does not have a lot of self-proclaimed to show they have a problem. If you have this kind of problem, for Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 such new system will notify the user to detect memory with the associated tools. So how do we manually run the tool to achieve such checks and preventive potential threat?

Use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:
We can manually open the memory diagnostic tool put in administrator’s toolbox, the command is as follows:
C: \> mdsched
Copy the code and you will see the following interface:
According to the above tips, we recommend to select the default first item, after saving the document and work we click Restart now and Check for Problems
All operations are automated, then the computer will restart and log on to the following interface and this is the ongoing memory diagnostic interface.
Use F1 key we can manually define some parameters that need to be adjusted and modified:
This is a fast mode, Basic test project with minimal memory, so the detection speed is the fastest!
Then we use the up and down keys to select in the standard interface, this is also the default execution mode:
Finally, a detection mode which also the ultimate and the largest test items, and the most demanding level one, if you want to conduct a thorough memory test you can select this:

I wish there was a way to set this when configuring the scheduled task, but I have yet to fine one.

As a Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic tool, this is a very effective and free memory testing tool, I expect there will be more Windows tools that can be used to detect their own computers.

Walking in a fairy tale, the world’s first fluorescent highway is in use

Driving in highway in a long night, road signs on both sides are charmingly lighting to guide the direction for you. Won’t this screen be wonderful?

Netherlands Oss N329 highway will be able to give us such a wonderful experience. Adding fluorescent coatings to road marking paint, so as to achieve the effect of light emission. These coatings uses daylight illumination to be “charged”, and when the evening they will be able to continue to issue 10 hours of light. In this way, allowing drivers to determine the location of roads more clearly and improve driving safety. Continue reading

How to Re-install Missing Windows DLL File


A missing Windows DLL file often causes the system start up error and many other operation problems on the computer, if you unfortunately encounter such a error issue (generally you will receive a DLL error message), you should fix it via re-installing the same file on the original location of the Windows system.

There are generally two ways to get a new DLL file, one is downloading from a reputable online resource, and please bear in mind that you should download the proper one which is compatible with your specific Windows operating system; the another is getting a new one from your system installation DVD or CD, here are the specific steps to copy the Windows DLL file from installation DVD or CD: Continue reading

How to burn a Music CD?


Three steps to creating a music CD:

1. Collect the music or soundtrack files from reliable sources.
2. Manage them with the media software.
3. Write the chosen files to the CD.

Firstly you need to use your media software to collect the music you want to write to a CD. You can download the music from safe websites, copy them from an existing CD, or use the PC’s sound input from any audio device to enter the music. The music files are saved on disc and managed by your media software.

Continue reading

Most Americans do not intend to buy Apple Watch


According to a latest survey report, the demand for Apple’s new iPhone is bigger than expected, but only a small portion of people intends to buy Apple Watch next year among the consumers who want to buy iPhone 6.

According to the survey report published by the Royal Bank of Canada’s capital markets showed on Wednesday, among the surveyed 6,000 consumers, the demand of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is very strong. Based on this, this investment bank raised its sales expectations of fourth quarter and fiscal year 2015. Continue reading

How to troubleshoot mouse not found problem?


Have you ever found that the mouse cannot be used after starting the computer system? Do you receive an error message like mouse is not found or not detected? This problem could be various for different computer environment. If you unfortunately encounter this problem and are not clear about the specific reasons, please try to fix this computer problem with the following available solutions:

Solution one – mouse connection problem.

If you are using a USB mouse, you can try to close your computer, and connect the mouse cable to another USB port, then restart your computer for a try. If you get a desktop computer, please try to change to connect the mouse cable tp the USB port on the back of the computer host. Continue reading

Microsoft to allow users to play Xbox games directly in the browser

Technology website Neowin reported that Microsoft is developing a browser-based Xbox game testing. The game provides a unique experience similar to a host for players, which is responsible by Microsoft’s DeLorean Project. If everything goes well, then the player can play Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One and other games on IE or Chrome browser. Continue reading