Gboard Downloads Exceed 500 Million in Google Play Store

Gboard Downloads Exceed 500 Million in Google Play Store

A few months ago Google release a keyboard app called Gboard for iOS devices, and later launched the app with the name of Google Keyboard in the Google Play Store for all devices running Android 4.0 or higher. Last month Google updated the app to version 6.0 and renamed it as Gboard.

As a fully functional keyboard app, Gboard added a few long-awaited features like multiple active languages, auto correction, GIF insertion, share options and integrated search. Now with its quick rise in popularity, the download of Google’s Gboard has exceeded 5 million, and hit the new record in Play Store. Gboard currently resides amongst the most popular downloads on the Play Store along with apps like Google Photos, Dropbox, YouTube and Skype.

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How to Uninstall uTorrent from Your Mac (Solved)


uTorrent is a popular BitTorrent client software that most Mac users will choose to install to download some large or obscure torrent files from the Internet. However, as we notice that, many users encounter issues when using this app (RSS download is not available, cannot add/remove torrent components once it starts, etc). They may have try many methods to fix the issues but the last resort is to reinstall this app after a complete uninstall. So, how to perfectly uninstall uTorrent on your Mac?

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Samsung plans to acquire QD Vision for $70 million

Samsung Electronics plans to acquire QD Vision which is a quantum dot display technology developer, according to Korea Times. Samsung and LG compete with each other concerning the next generation TV, and the acquisition of QD Vision would help Samsung to improve its competitiveness.


Chung Chil-hee, vice president of Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology, told reporters that they decided to acquire QD Vision on Wednesday. Samsung did not reveal the specific acquired price. It is estimated at $ 70 million.

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How-to: Customize Right-Click Menu on macOS Sierra


When you right click on an item on the screen, you can choose corresponding options about what you can do with the file from the contextual menu. Mac OS also allows users to add or remove those options in the Service submenu. It is a simple matter of checking or unchecking boxes from the Services list. If you want to customize your right-click menu to meet your preferences, check out this post to learn the trick.

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Will Apple release new MacBook Air next week?

Apple has sent invitation for October 27 release. The media guess what new products will Apple release this year. Let’s see their opinions on the new releases.


First, new MacBook Pro will be lighter and thinner, equipped with a touch panel above keyboard. The touch panel will replace the functions of F1-F12 and their functions will be changed in accordance with different applications that users apply.

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How to Change Safari’s Default Download Location

By default, if you download a file in the Safari, it will be saved in the Mac’s Download folder. Of course you can right click on the download link and choose “Download Linked File As…” to specify the folder you wanna keep the file. But how to change Safari’s default file download location?


Mac users may need to change the download folder for different reasons. Take myself as an example. I prefer to save downloaded files on the Desktop, where I can easily access to no matter what I’m doing on my Mac. Meanwhile I use Safari for home-based activities and Chrome for work-based activities, so I need to specify different download folder for each browser.

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Snapchat plans to debut IPO in the late of this year

Snapchat, burn after reading social networking tool, may plan to debut IPO later this year or in the beginning of next year,reported The Information.


It is said that Snapchat is negotiating with some investment bank. A final decision or agreement has not been made yet.

Snapchat spokesman claimed that there are many elements to affect whether the company will debut IPO or when it debuts. Those elements are beyond the control of Snapchat.

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Apple is possible to receive $3 billion dividends from Pokémon Go in 2 years

Apple has 100% of iOS dominance. Apple charges 30% of revenue dividends of third party revenue. Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s mobile game, has become a hit recently. The Wall Street analyst predicted that this game might bring $ 3 billion Apple tax in two years.


Laura Martin, analyst of Needham, released a research report on Wednesday that Pokémon Go will bring Apple $3 billion dividends in 12 months to 24 months.

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How to Remove Suggested Apps Ads in Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 will displays suggested apps in the Start menu – both on the left side, under your apps, and on the right side as live tiles. If you want to get rid of these “suggestions”, here are a couple of ways you can try to remove the app ads.

The easiest way is to right-click on the suggested apps in the Start menu and click “Turn off all suggestions”. You can also head to Start > Settings > Personalization, click Start tab on the left side, and then flip the switch “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” to off from there. But these two options only disable the suggestions in the left side of the Start menu. You will still get suggestions as Live Tiles and occasional notifications from Microsoft, To truly get rid of all suggestions, you will need to turn off the feature called Microsoft Consumer Experience.

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IDC: 2016 sales volume of global smartphones only increase by 3.1%

Pile of smart phones

Agence France Presse quoted from the latest report that the increase of global smartphone in 2016 will slow down. Apple may experience the decline for iPhone sales for the first time.

IDC predicted that the sales volume of global smartphones in 2016 will only increase by 3.1%, up to 1.48 billion units. The increase rate for global smartphones in 2015 was 10.5%.

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