Software defined networking, IoT top CIO’s Strategic proiorities


Steve Phillips, the CIO of $28 billion technology wholesaler Avnet, kicked off his 2016 planning cycle last week with an eye toward making IT more nimble and responsive to the company’s evolving requirements. He plans to test a software-defined network (SDN) and a predictive analytics solution that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) for a company that delivers anything from electronic components to enterprise IT services for 100,000 customers.

As noted recently, CIOs in 2016 are refining digital transformations they started last year or earlier to press their competitive advantage. Others are playing catch-up or defense against nimble rivals. Whatever the case, CIOs are entering the New Year with laser focuses on cloud, mobile, analytics and security, among other solutions. Continue reading

How Apple increases the market share of Apple Watch in 2016?

Apple did not reveal the specific sales of Apple Watch in 2015, however, it could not stop the analysts predicting its sales.

Apple Watch was released in last April and started mass producing in the third quarter. However, the consumers feedback seem ordinary so far.


It has been welcome by the Apple fans since its release. The wearable devices still seem to be a new-style product. Its consumer groups are limited. Fitbit is still in a leadership position in such field.

Consumer Technology Association did a survey from 1,001 internet users concerned how many people plan to buy the health or fitness device in 2016.74% of interviewees have willingness to buy the health or fitness device which is a good news to Apple and Fitbit.

According to the estimation of eMarketer, US wearable market will increase by 60%, from 39.5 million units in 2015 to 64 million units in 2016.

Fitbit specializes in producing fitness devices. More and more people pay close attention to health and fitness. According to the data from CTA, Fitbit is still the leader in wearable device field.

35% of interviewees wish to buy a well-equipped Smart Watch, while 27% of interviewees wish to buy health or fitness device that trend to Fitbit products. Among the rest of the interviewees, 30% of them plan to buy an application, 27% of them aim to buy the smart suite and 23% of them wish to buy the sleeping tracker.

Apple is not the only publisher that produces Smart Watch. It upgraded the Apple Watch OS recently. It is said that it will launch Apple Watch 2 in the early of 2016.

Apple Watch decreased the reliability to iPhone after the upgrade. Apple works hard to improving the independence of Apple Watch. It has great potential to beat Fitbit in the near future.

According to the statistics of IDC, FitBit obtained 22.2% of the market share for the first place, while Apple took up 18.6%, ranking in second.

The sales of Fitbit doubled in the last third quarter, up to 4.7 million from 2.3 million units. Apple sold 3.6 million units of Apple Watch in the last 2nd quarter, and 3.9 million units in the third quarter.

It seems a bit hard for Apple to beat Fitbit and become the top leader in such field so far. Its upgrade for Apple Watch will help Apple to obtain more market share.

AirDrop: Transfer Files between Mac and iPhone


For some new Mac or iPhone users they may have no clue how to share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more between Mac and iOS devices without using data cable. Here we will show you how to use AirDrop to easily achieve this task. AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple Inc.’s OS X and iOS operating systems that enables you to wirelessly send content to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, and it has no limitation on the size of document you wanna transfer.

To use AirDrop to send items from Mac to iPhone and vice versa, you need a 2012 or newer Mac model with OS X Yosemite or later, and it also requires an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 7 or later. How to check: for Mac computer, open Finder and go to Go menu to verify if AirDrop is listed as an option; for iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center and see if AirDrop appears there.

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Why Not Take Some Time to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

There are more and more questions about making money at home. As the time goes by, people have many ideas about their dream job. From surveys, a part of people reply that they intend to escape from the scheduled timetable and strict rules if there is a job suitable. And there is some of people that they should take care their kids because those are just babies. They want a job that it is more freedom but it can make money for life. In reality, in recent time, their dream can be realized, with the Internet. With the surging development of the Internet, a new industry comes along. Then, it means that there are many new opportunities available, for businessmen, job seekers. People who are willing to take new chance to work unlike before can search some jobs in this industry, especially affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing may be one of the most suitable jobs for people to work at home and make profits.

On the Internet, it provides plenty of opportunities of money-making to who really want to have a try. Before getting access to affiliate marketing, it would better to know what it is. So, what is affiliate marketing? In short, with any new technology or media, companies quickly realized they had a new opportunity to market their products and services to consumers via the millions of websites they visit every day. Website owners were creating valuable content and providing tremendous benefits to their visitors. Then, those website owners get compensated back according their hard work. That is the most simplest description of affiliate marketing which it is an exchangeable mode via the Internet and searching engine.

One of the appreciated advantages is the flexibility. To work with affiliate marketing, people almost can decide everything related, what to promote, when or where to work, even how to do it. People work for it, especially the affiliates, publishers, they have the chance and time to get better along with life and work than before. For everybody, there must be in a balance between life and work even though not can everyone get such a suitable job. Affiliate marketing would be benefits on no matter advertisers or publishers. For advertisers, who needs to promote such brand, product or service, they want to lessen the cost at the same time.

On the other hand, advertisers intend to attract more consumers and potential consumers, through the effect on the Internet. Usually, they also release the information by affiliate network which is a platform to collect offer or program for publishers to choose what they want. For the affiliates, publishers, they can get continuous offers if they join some or several affiliate networks. By the way, affiliate network, like Offerde, can be called as a linking point between advertisers and publishers, which makes affiliate marketing more easier. For instances, it owns exclusive offers for its members. If the affiliates have some troubles, network would like to help them as special affiliate managers. Meanwhile, affiliate network owns systematic rules which let strangers get familiar with in a short time. As mentioned above, why not take some time to make money online with affiliate marketing? Get started now!

A New Idea of Making Money at Home, Affiliate Marketing

If there is any idea bursting into the mind that it is so bored to go to work as the timetable, do people intend to have some changes in life to be happier? In reality, some people would experience such mood but not all of them would be brave to make some changes. They will keep it as usual although it is bored. However, those who make changes are encouraged, for their innovation and braveness. One of the most popular ideas that are the reasons they want to escape from original work is that why people can not make money at home. They just intend to a more free and flexible situation to get along, which working at home seems not a bad choice. Here would be some discussions on the idea of making money at home with affiliate marketing.

In reality, there are many choices for people to work at home, but here is the moat popular one in this time, affiliate marketing. Maybe some people are not so familiar with this word. Affiliate marketing is the emerging power in the marketing industry which gives a good choice for people to work online. Thanks to the development of the Internet which takes a more and more important role in daily life, at the same time, people get a brand new and more convenient lifestyle. For the reasons why affiliate marketing get popular, maybe it turns popular from the advertisement industry. As the higher and higher cost in daily brand promotion, advertisers start to find out an effective to cut the cost and keep their profits. Then, they aims at the Internet, lower cost but plenty of users who can be the large base of potential consumers.

In addition, there are endless reasons why affiliate marketing becomes popular. For advertisers, as mentioned before, lower cost and large potential consumer base. And then, many of netters can be their partners to increase promotion. Those partners, in affiliate marketing, called as publishers or the affiliates, would takes advantages of the online resource they own to help and make money at the same time. It is the win-win situation that each part would get what they want. For publishers, affiliate marketing must be an amazing chance for them to make profits online, no matter as a part-time job or a full-time job. In reality, affiliate marketing offers lots of opportunities here for people, which it would accept thousands of, even endless of affiliate to join. If people would like to join, it would not reject but express warm welcome anytime.

Although affiliate marketing, it is an invisible industry that there are almost cyber data running in the cycle, it acts out in passion and energy. Even though it is a new industry, affiliate marketing is equipped with systematic management and rules. That is why it is necessary for freshmen to join such an affiliate network to start personal affiliate marketing. Affiliate manager would give some of instructions and services if there is any trouble. When there is a will, maybe Offerde can be the most suitable choice. Come on to get started to make money at home and get this idea done. Good luck!

A Job that Can Do Online, Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, it is the time for people to think much about their employment. Gradually, more and more people get started to find some new ways to have the changes. Not only to search the new jobs that are more suitable for them, they intend to find some jobs which are different from the traditional to escape from the strict timetable. Thanks to the soaring development of the Internet, in recent time, people can really make the dream of finding a dreaming job come true. Because there are more online job available. Like in the physical employment world, there are many avenues that you could pursue when looking for a job online, such as, transcription, data entry, affiliate marketing, and so on. Here comes a brief introduction to affiliate marketing, the job that can do online.

Maybe it is not so quiet familiar with all of the general public. Affiliate marketing, it really is an emerging job after the several years of the Internet development. In short, affiliate marketing is a new way of marketing similar to the traditional marketing, but online. As the idea of advertisers who are willing to decrease the cost of traditional media promotion, online marketing, affiliate marketing comes out. In the first place, affiliate marketing are a little cheaper related. However, it seems to have a greater effect on promotion. The Internet have gradually played more and more important role in the daily life where the Internet is the most potential place to promote some product or brand. In addition, affiliate marketing can be flexible to display the information, like banner, flash, pop up or additional files inserted into email, almost everywhere.

Besides the benefit of advertisers, affiliate marketing can provide plenty of opportunities for other people who want to have a change in work, no matter full time or part time. People interested in affiliate marketing also can select the ways they like to join it, personal or join the group. It is advisable for the freshmen in affiliate marketing to join some affiliate network. For the reasons why to join are that the network can offer systematic instructions and management and affiliate network would provide exclusive offers to its member. In a word, new comers would better to join affiliate network to get adapted to this industry. There are many networks are good to lead in affiliate marketing, for instance, Offerde. Some experienced affiliates can also accept the offers in the time of themselves, like some easy tasks from websites, quick returning.

As for what should people do in affiliate marketing, in general, people should insert the promotion information, advertisement, in their website or blog. When visitors click the links or purchase, people can get from it. Anyway, affiliate marketing is one of the emerging jobs that it is suitable for people to have a try. As the easy access and related quick return, affiliate marketing now are popular with the general public, especially among the young. Then just go to learn in practice, good luck.

4 easy ways to keep your business secure online


When use the computer to do business on line, it may happen that our computer suffer some problems. These tools and techniques can help you keep the computers safe from hackers, viruses and other threats.

keep Your Software Updated

The best way to prevent hackers is keep all your software patched. You should keep all your software as up to date as possible. That is why Windows 10 requires users to install update for the home versions. Business users can hold off actually installing them, so they can make sure the updates don’t break anything, but they will have to install the updates eventually. Continue reading

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 gives your stuff the best malware protection it deserves

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 is the latest edition of Kaspersky’s security suite which provides solid full protection for PCs, Macs and Android devices. This program appeared with these features: antivirus, antispam, firewalls, parental controls, a virtual keyboard, browsing protection, etc.

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Apple iTunes becomes the most dangerous app in Windows

A recently survey from Secunia shows that Apple’s Windows application has exceeded over Java of Oracle, becoming the greatest risk source in American Windows PCs.


The reason is that many of the users knock out Java 7 due to the out-dated features rather than Oracel did specific update to Java.

The latest quarter report of Securnia shows the study of software security information in America and other 14 countries. Java 7 was no longer listed as the most dangerous software in the third quarter this year. This was the first time Java 7 not being listed as the dangerous software in the past four quarters.

Secunia did the survey based on how extensive for Java’s user communities and how many users would ignore those patches when they find them.

QuickTime 7.x and iTunes 12.x are the most dangerous softwares in US Windows PCs concern software security information. Many users have these two apps, but only a small amount of them find the patches.

The report suggests QuickTime obtains 55% of US market share, and the reported patches are up to 18 and 61% of its users did not update to the latest QuickTime version. iTunes’s market share takes up 40%, 106 patches have been reported and 47% of users still use the old version.

From the report figure, Java’s ranking drops to the fourth as Java 7 ended its life cycle in this April and many users started to use Java 8. Adobe Reader and Firefox are also in the list of Top 10.

Secunia also reported that about one in twenty programs among the US individual PCs came to an end of their life cycle. If the publishers no longer support patches, the users will fail to update the PC security issues. Then hackers can easily attack their computers.

Those 76 common softwares use in US PCs are from 27 different manufacturers. They have different upgraded regulations. Therefore, it brings inconvenience to PC users to repair those patches.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Program

People who work on online business, affiliate marketing, must be familiar with affiliate program. It can be called as one of the most significant elements among affiliate marketing. Affiliate program can directly decide how your result will be in one case. With affiliate program, people can be easily to make extra money online. To earn profits from affiliate marketing, in reality, it is to earn money from affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs here, people can turn them into thriving affiliate business. Now, here would be some tips of affiliate program to let more people get to know it.

Initially, it is necessary to know what it is before getting started to make money from it, affiliate program. First, affiliate marketing is a new member in online advertising industry. What the target is to make more people talk about the brand in promotion. Those people would be potential consumers to purchase the product or service. If anybody intends to be in this industry, affiliate marketing, he should be start from join some affiliate program. The easy circle of a full affiliate marketing is to join affiliate program, to promote brand, to track the traffic and to earn profits. It can simply see that joining an affiliate program is an inevitable step of the whole. An affiliate program is a systematic case in a period for people to follow. There are always thousands of programs for people to choose to join.

Then, affiliate program classifies into a few different parts for the affiliates can join. Usually, every one falls into each of these three categories: pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead. The category of the affiliate program determines what is required of referrals after people click on your link. For some new affiliates, they do not know where can find affiliate programs. In reality, affiliate program can be get from everywhere. In recent time, as the competitiveness gradually becoming sharper and sharper, advertisers must offer plenty of affiliate programs to keep up which seems an effective way for promotion. Another reason, which advertisers now prefer to use online promotion, is that the cost of online promotion is largely lower than the traditional TV or other ways. In addition, nowadays, online visitors are in a large amount. The Internet have become one of the essential parts in daily life. Therefore, online promotion can be successful in some degrees.

The last step, in brief, is to make money from the affiliate program. To do whatever you think can increase the clicks or sales is the most direct way to increase revenue, such as, to redesign the web, to upgrade the web speed and so on. You can also promote products or services from different affiliate programs at the same time. Besides, it is a good method to improve that affiliates could search why others can succeed and learn from them. There are lots of available resources fro people to be a successful affiliate, making money with affiliate programs, like Offerde, which is a suitable platform no matter you are just a visitor or an affiliate. Keep learning in the real work and try the best to make profits with affiliate programs.